Title:  “Out of Africa"

Year:  2003

Medium:  Ceramic

Description:  Sculpture

Style:  Contemporary/Abstract

Subject:  Inspired by a vision while sleeping that started with, “The Duality of Man,” and evolved into a body of work. The series includes, “The Relationship Between Form and Edge,” “Out of Africa,” “The Shadow of Her Smile,” “Indigo Prints” and “The Echo of Line and Space.”

​Overall Dimensions:  25 x 16 x 4 in.

​Technique:  High fired stoneware; slab, hand coiled, and wheel thrown; stained with red iron oxide, applied apple tree ash from an orchard in Boston and gas fired in a reduction atmosphere.

Predominant Colors:  Brown, Gold, Yellow

Exhibition:  2004 Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce 26th Annual “Commitment to Excellence” Juried Exhibition, Honolulu Museum of Art School

Price:  SOLD