Title:  “Pregnant Male”

Year:  2008

Medium:  Ceramic

Description:  Wall Sculpture

Style:  Contemporary/Abstract

Subject:  Inspired by this natural phenomenon. As I did research for this sculpture, my fascination for this creature grew. Not only because it has a head like a horse, a tail like a monkey, eyes like a chameleon and  a pouch like a kangaroo, but also because the male sea horse gives birth to baby sea horses.

 ​When it is time to mate, the female deposits her eggs into a brood pouch on the male’s belly, where they are fertilized. The father carries the developing embryos until they are fully formed. His labor can last up to a day and a half.

Overall Dimensions:  57 x 33 x 3 in.

Technique:  High fired stoneware, wheel-thrown, altered, torn and stretched. Stained with various oxides and gas fired in a reduction atmosphere.

Predominant Colors:  Orange, Brown

Price:  $3,400 (delivery and installation by the artist is recommended)