Title:  “The Relationship Between Form and Edge”

Year:  2002

Medium:  Ceramic

Description:  Sculpture

Style:  Contemporary/Abstract

Subject:  Inspired by a vision while sleeping that started with, “The Duality of Man,” and evolved into a body of work. The series includes, “The Relationship Between Form and Edge,” “Out of Africa,” “The Shadow of Her Smile,” “Indigo Prints” and “The Echo of Line and Space.”

Overall Dimensions:  24 x 19 x 5 in. 

​Technique:  High fired stoneware, slab, hand coiled, and wheel thrown; stained with copper carbonate, applied apple tree ash from orchard in Boston, and gas fired in a reduction atmosphere.

Predominant Colors:  Greens, Light Browns

Exhibition/Award: 2002 Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce 24th Annual “Commitment of Excellence” Juried Exhibition, Third Place Award in Three DimensionalHonolulu Museum of Art School

Price:  SOLD